What happens in a session?

The sessions can include a variety of things, ranging from:

• Conscious breath work
• Learning how to actively give/ receive touch
• Body mapping for sensation or pleasure
• Addressing and working with shame / guilt
• Helping with premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation
• Overcoming difficulties with orgasms
• Enhancing sensation: addressing genital numbness or pain
• Scar tissue massage for postnatal, prostate or top surgery scars
• Discussing healthy porn use
• Strategies for better partner engagement
• Masturbation/ Orgasmic Yoga coaching
• Genital Anatomy education
• Discussing sexuality and gender
• Discussing ethical non-monogamy

In a nutshell: Helping you discover your erotic potential!


What is a Sex Educator & Pleasure Coach?

A pleasure coach is a trained professional who helps adults with their sex lives! Among other things, a coach can help you learn how to prioritize pleasure and re-introduce it into your life, and work towards a goal you may have for yourself.

A Somatic Sex Educator is someone who teaches others about sex, intimacy, consent and communication through body based learning. Their goal is to help you feel more connected to your body, using techniques like breath, sound, movement and touch.


Toy Shopping Made Easy!

Have you ever wanted to buy toys, but didn’t know where to start? Well, let me take you shopping!

Sex stores can be a daunting place, so one of the services that I offer is going to a store with you and helping you find exactly what it is that you’re after, without the pressure of needing to buy anything. I can provide accurate, sex positive information that is tailor made for you, and within your budget.

I offer solo shop sessions, or a group package deal for parties & hen’s nights. Inquire below and get the ball rolling!

- Prices will vary depending on length of session -

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Upcoming Workshops

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Love your Belly
June 2019

Begin the journey of learning how to love your body more, starting with your belly! This workshop is for everyone and anyone who would like to feel more connected to their bellies, and create a more positive relationship with it.

Learn to Breathe
TBA 2019

Take some time out of your busy day to come and relax, breathe and calm your mind. In this workshop you will discover the positive benefits of conscious breathing and a few simple tools to help you relax in your day to day life.

A transfeminine non-binary person caressing the hand of a transmasculine gender-nonconforming person.jpg

Consent & Communication
TBA 2019

Have you ever wanted something from a partner but didn’t know how to ask for it? Or perhaps you were nervous and were worried about being rejected? This workshop will teach you how to be a better communicator and learn how to give and receive more pleasure!


Scar Tissue Massage

~ Healing you from the inside out ~